Best Neuropathy Supplements For Nerve Repair & Pain Relief In 2018

The Best Neuropathy Supplements of 2018 For Nerve Repair, Regeneration, and Pain Relief

Nerve pain, an issue known to many as neuropathic pain, is by far one of the most uncomfortable forms of pain a person can deal with on a regular basis

Whether it comes from an infection like shingles, or a long-standing condition such as diabetes, this burning and often agonizing pain can leave many people struggling to carry on as normally as possible in their daily lives. In fact, a lot of people who suffer with neuropathy find themselves feeling miserable and helpless.

Neuropathy is a debilitating and progressive condition that can be related to impaired circulation and damaged nerves, both of which work together to reduce the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to nerve tissue.

At a basic level, neuropathy can be defined as nerve damage. When the nerves in your body are damaged, they transmit messages poorly, sending incorrect signals from the spinal cord to the brain. Usually, neuropathy causes a lack of sensation and the failure of sending signals for feeling, which causes tingling and numbness in the feet and hands.

In most cases, trauma to the nerves due to physical injury may lead to neuropathy, but around 70% of diabetics also suffer from this condition, according to the National Institute of Stroke and Neurological Disorders. The good news is that there are a wide range of natural therapies available that have been proven to be effective in healing neuropathy, from herbs to vitamin supplements.

About Nerve Damage and Neuropathy

Nerve damage and neuropathy can be excruciating conditions that occur in a number of different ways. Many people actually regard neuropathy to be a complication that is found within various medical conditions rather than defining it as a single problem by itself.

Until recently, the treatment options for the resulting nerve pain have been limited to over-the-counter and prescription painkillers designed to diminish periods of pain, as well as instances of diet and exercise adaptation.

However, in recent years, some studies have come to show that proper supplementation with the right vitamins and minerals could not only help to fight back against instances of nerve damage and pain, but even repair the nerves that were damaged in the first place.

What Causes Nerve Damage?

Nerve damage and neuropathy often occur when the protective covering of nerve cells begin to degenerate. The sheathing, known as myelin, can degenerate for a number of different reasons, including the presence of autoimmune disease, cancer, compression or trauma, diabetes, and infectious disease.

Without the protection that typically surrounds the nerves, the electrical signals throughout the body cannot be translated properly. It's the same as if you were to remove the covering from the electrical wires in your home.

As the damage to the nerves grows worse over time, the nerves will either lose their ability to transmit information as they're supposed to, thus, resulting in consistent numbness, or they may start to send false signals that translate in the brain as pain or tingling sensation. When the insulation begins to crumble, the unprotected nerves can start to sort-circuit, leading to moments of pain and discomfort.

Are There Any Natural Alternatives That Work?

Fortunately, there are some good news for people who suffer from neuropathic pain: treatment does exist. In fact, many studies have managed to prove that supplements can help to repair and regenerate painful and damaged nerves over time. This means that you can quickly eliminate pain if you know which vitamins are the most beneficial to you and your nerves.

Since vitamin deficiencies in the B-vitamin region can often lead to the worsening of cases of neuropathy, B12 supplements may represent a good place to start, but the truth is that a combination of vitamins and other nutrients is often needed if you're hoping to get the best possible effect.

In the following, we'll discuss what we believe are the best supplements for nerve repair and regeneration, and then establish what we think is currently most effective option out there.

How We Separated Quality Supplements From Scams

With so many different products online that all promise relief from pain with no side effects, it can be difficult to separate the good stuff from the junk. So what we did was research all the different companies and solutions out there and looked at their ingredients, customer reviews, and money back guarantee.

1. Does It Contain The Best Vitamins For Nerve Damage and Repair?

Many people who suffer from nerve damage are also incredibly low in some of the vitamins and herbs that are essential for proper nerve functioning throughout the body. Some of the nutrients that might help to heal those nerves include things like B vitamins, vitamin E, B, GLA, and more. In the following, we'll cover some of the best vitamins for nerve damage and pain.

It is often better to seek out a comprehensive supplement designed specifically for fighting back against nerve damage and pain, than attempting to supplement with a handful of different pills each day. This is not only for reasons on saving money, but also for getting the proper dosage of every ingredient for optimal benefit for the condition.

In most cases, you'll benefit most if you use a pre formulateed supplement which contains a host of the most advantageous vitamins for nerve repair and pain relief. Supplements like this generally include some of the following ingredients and vitamins listed below.

2. Does The Company Have A Good Reputation?

  • Money Back Guarantee: When a company has a strong money back guarantee policy, it is a testament to their confidence in their product. Companies who are just trying to make a quick buck would never be able to give their customers 30-60 days to try the product and return it for a full refund if they aren't happy, especially if the product doesn't work as promised.
  • Customer Support: Companies that offer good customer support not only shows that they care about their customers, but it also proves they generate enough money to hire a full time staff, which cannot be done if their product doesn't sell or isn't effective.
  • Customer Reviews & Testimonials: If customers and other websites have written positive, unsolicited reviews of their experience with the supplement online, then it is a sign that it is a quality product. Usually when products are poor quality, the results in Google and other online platforms will reflect it with lots of complaints and negative feedback.

Vitamins That Support Healthy Nerve Functioning

Through dozens of hours of research and personal experience, we've found several ingredients that support nerve health with plenty of credible scientific studies to back the claims. Some of these are vitamins and others were natural herbs. What we found was there were 3 critical nutrients that when combined lead to the greatest reduction in symptoms and pain:

  • Alpha Lipoic AcidR-Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of the most powerful vitamin-like antioxidants on the planet. It is beneficial because of it being both water soluble and fat soluble. This means that it can enter all parts of the cells in the body to properly neutralize pain and free radical damage, which is considered to be one of the main causes of neuropathy. Several studies have shown have shown that regular doses of ALA can provide a reduction in symptoms of neuropathy, including numbness, tingling, pain, and burning when subjects consumed standardized R-ALA regularly.
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    B-Vitamin Complex: According to experts, individuals who suffer from nerve damage as a result of a diabetes condition can often benefit from taking a B vitamin complex supplement. However, as with any supplement, it's important to consult a doctor before using B-vitamins, as the wrong doses might lead to further nerve damage. The condition of peripheral neuropathy is usually one that occurs as a complication of diabetes, and it is caused because of the damaging effects that chronically high levels of blood sugar can have on the body, and the associated impairment of the thiamine metabolism. Thiamine is essential for breaking down carbohydrates, but it is depleted quickly in diabetics because their cells need much more to manage high glucose levels.
  • Benfotiamine: Benfotiamine is an extensively studied and tested fat solubleN version of vitamin B1, with the highest absorption rates compared to other types. It has been shown to help reduce neuropathy related pain and reduce cellular damage caused by high blood sugar levels by improving the body's response to insulin. One study in Germany showed a significant drop in neuropathic pain levels by taking 100 mg of benfotiamine 4 times a day for a 3 weeks. Various studies have used the fat soluble form of the vitamin, known as benfotiamine, for its superior bioavailability in combination with the vitamin B6. Across a period of several days, the study found a huge reduction of pain reported by 95% of all participants. Objective testing found that the improvements in nerves were actually helping to repair damage and improve impulses in a significant number of patients.According to experts, individuals who suffer from nerve damage as a result of a diabetes condition can often benefit from taking a B vitamin complex supplement. However, as with any supplement, it's important to consult a doctor before using B-vitamins, as the wrong doses might lead to further nerve damage. The condition of peripheral neuropathy is usually one that occurs as a complication of diabetes, and it is caused because of the damaging effects that chronically high levels of blood sugar can have on the body, and the associated impairment of the thiamine metabolism. Thiamine is essential for breaking down carbohydrates, but it is depleted quickly in diabetics because their cells need much more to manage high glucose levels.
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    Methyl B-12: Consuming a supplement rich in a range of B vitamins can be very helpful when it comes to fighting off the symptoms of nerve damage, and even repairing parts of the nerve. Some people may even find that nerve damage has occurred as a result of the lack of B vitamins within their body, particularly B6, thiamine, and B12. Studies have shown that certain B-vitamins such as methyl b-12 help increase the synthesis of protein, which is required to regenerate the nerves. It's also been shown to support the regeneration of the myelin sheath around axons and peripheral nerves, which is responsible for proper nerve functioning and communication.
  • Vitamin E: This vitamin is also a valuable substance in treating the issues associated with neuropathy, particularly the one that occurs as a result of chemotherapy treatments. This substance has been tested repeatedly, and was found effective in a 2010 study. The chemotherapy agent used in most treatments has a severe incidence of peripheral neuropathy when used at certain dose levels, and this substance was used in the study. Patients that were on this therapy were also given oral vitamin E supplements, before they began chemotherapy, and three months following their treatment. The severity and incidence of neuropathy was found to be a lot lower in the group taking vitamin E than it was in the control group. The researchers found that vitamin E can help to protect patients from neuropathy over time.
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    Vitamin D: Finally, when a peripheral nerve is damaged, surgery that might be used to repair the damage can be unsuccessful and the nerve fails to recover. A study on therapies using vitamin D supplements has found that this substance has the ability to promote nerve regeneration. According to a study in 2008, when plant-derived forms of vitamin D were used on rats with damaged leg nerves, the rats received significant amounts of nerve regeneration and sensory functions were found to improve. Of course, in this particular study, the researchers concluded that further testing would be needed to consider the dosage of vitamin D that might be needed to help humans suffering from neuropathy, but the results indicated that vitamin D does have a huge role to play when it comes to natural ways of regenerating damaged nerves.
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    Chromium: For people with problems of nerve pain and damage resulting from a case of diabetes, high levels of blood glucose can frequently lead to nerve damage. Many experts suggest that lack of chromium in the body can be linked to insulin resistance, and it's often recommended that diabetic individuals take some form of chromium supplement when they want to make sure that the body can use insulin as efficiently as possible, thus, avoiding nerve damage wherever they can.For those looking for a natural way to absorb chromium, the foods that have highest levels of this substance include mushrooms, prunes, broccoli, and wholegrain cereals.
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    Vitamin E: Vitamin E is among the supplemental nutrients that can help prevent nerve damage. In addition, it's worth noting that this substance can also be particularly useful when it comes to healing the damage to the nerves. Those who struggle to properly absorb vitamin E might suffer from nerve damage as a result of those absorption issues. Many experts agree that vitamin E can help to slow down the nerve damage that might take place as a result of diabetes, as well as fight the free radicals that lead to nerve damage in the eyes, and reducing the presence of inflammation throughout the entire body. Importantly, it can take a number of months before nerves and muscles become fully enriched with vitamin E if patients have previously suffered from a deficiency in this vitamin.
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    GLA: Finally, gamma-linolenic acid or GLA, is well known for its ability to assist with nerve function. As an omega-6 essential fatty acid, it helps to promote better functioning in the brain, normal growth, and helps to regulate metabolism and the reproductive system. According to university studies, GLA has been found to reduce nerve pain in those who suffer from neuropathy as a result of diabetes.Importantly, GLA forms part of the protective sheath that is responsible for coating the nerve cells in the first place. However, a diet that is high in trans-fats, sugar, and alcohol can interfere with the enzyme that converts GLA, leading to many deficiencies in this crucial nutrient. Once again, remember to speak to your doctor about the amount of this nutrient that you should take each day before supplementing your diet.

Other Recommended Herbs For Neuropathy

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    Ginkgo biloba has been found in some studies to be effective at helping to manage neuropathy pain and symptoms. In an animal study that was conducted and published in 2009, the results showed that this herb was able to reduce neuropathic pain in rats, though it has yet to be fully tested in humans.
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    Evening primrose oil may also be a valuable herb choice when it comes to treating neuropathy. This substance contains an essential fatty acid called gamma linolenic acid, or GLA, which has been proven to support optimal nerve function in many studies. One double blind piece of research that was carried out across seven medical centers found that around 480mg of evening primrose oil taken on a daily basis for a year was extremely beneficial to each patient's nerve health. Other studies have found that much higher doses lead to better results, but it is best to consult your doctor for advice regarding doses.
  • St. John's wort is usually used as an anti-depressant, but it is also effective in dealing with polyneuropathy, a neuropathy that is known for affecting a large number of areas across the body, rather than just one place at a time. The herb's antidepressant properties make it a valuable alternative to the usual antidepressants, which can cause a number of side effects.
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    Cayenne pepper generally contains capsaicin, which is a pain relieving substance that can reduce discomfort associated with neuropathy. This substance works by depleting pain-causing chemicals within the blood stream, and removing them from nerve receptors. Applying cayenne pepper in a topical solution can initially stimulate the release of pain hormones, before it depletes it, which leads to a significant decrease in pain. Today, several over-the-counter pain relieving items contain cayenne pepper, and they have been shown to be highly effective in treating nerve related problems - particularly those associated with shingles and diabetic retinopathy.

9 Pre Formulated Neuropathy Supplements

1. Nerve Renew

The best supplement for neuropathy in 2018
  • ​Nerve Renew
  • Contains Recommended B- Vitamins
  • check-circle-o
    Contains High Quality Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Dedicated Customer Phone & Email Support
  • Excellent Bioavailability of Ingredients
  • 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

Nerve Renew by the Neuropathy Treatment Group may be the best supplement on the market today with plenty of positive customer reviews and very few complaints, as it comes with a unique combination of useful vitamins and ingredients perfect for providing pain relief and repairing nerve damage. This is available at an affordable price, and it is loaded with vitamin B, much like many of its competitors.

The difference is it includes an ingredient called benfotiamine, which allows for the direct movement of vitamins through cell membranes into the cell itself. In other words, you're more likely to have the vitamin B your system needs delivered directly into the cell where it's needed most. Studies have found that this substance can be enough to eliminate pain in as little as three weeks.

This particular supplement also uses methlycobalamine, which is absorbed efficiently into the body, and is the most effective form of vitamin B12 for fighting back against nerve damage and pain. Of course, both methylcobalamin and benfotiamine are used in different supplements.

What makes it particularly special is its use of 100% stabilized R-alpha lipoic acid, which helps to reduce neuropathy and pain on a direct level. This potent antioxidant is both water and fat soluble, and it works to help the function of cell transporters that carry and distribute glucose around the body.

It's also one of the few substances capable of moving across the blood brain barrier, and is the only antioxidant that can regenerate itself, and other B vitamins. Referred to by some as a super anti-oxidant, the R-ALA can combat free radicals which act as a primary source of nerve damage.

If that's not enough, the complete formula includes plenty of substances designed to support the nerves over a long period of time, such as vitamin D; vitamin B6; vitamin B2; Feverfew extracts to relieve inflammation and pain; passion flower to reduce stress; oat straw to soothe itchy skin; skullcap to promote comfort, and more.

2. Nerve Aid

Nerve Aid neuropathy supplement 90 capsules bottle
  • ​Nerve Aid
  • Contains High Quality B Vitamins
  • Contains Vitamin D
  • Contains Anti Inflammatory Herbs
  • 180 Day Money Back Guarantee

Nerve Aid is a dietary supplement that helps to quickly fight the signs and symptoms of neuropathy. In fact, it is said to work within just a few days. It uses active natural ingredients for maximum benefit. The product is said to be backed by clinical evidence and scientific research, proven by the fact that it contains B-vitamins, which have been scientifically proven to be of benefit in the treatment of neuropathic pain.

The reason it really helps people with neuropathy is because of its blend of B vitamins, including benfotiamine, which is highly bioavailable. According to the manufacturer, the product has been clinically proven to be effective. Besides important B vitamins, it also has selenium, vitamin K, copper, zinc, and manganese.

The product has not receive many reviews yet and the testimonials that are available seem to be split between those who love it and those who hate it. It appears as if the product either works exactly as described, or not at all.

The biggest benefit is that, if it works, it may eliminate the symptoms of neuropathy completely and very rapidly so. However, there have been some reports of the product actually making the symptoms of neuropathy worse, which is of concern.

3. Neuropaquell

A nerve damage regeneration supplement
  • ​Neuropaquell
  • Contains Alpha Lipioc Acid
  • Contains B Vitamins
  • Reputable company with guarantee
  • Some complaints it didn't work
  • Some users experienced no benefits

Neuropaquell is a neuropathy supplement designed to help fight the most common symptoms of such as pain, tingling, and burning sensations. It includes B vitamins and all relevant nutrients to fight neuropathy and to provide overall nutritional support. Uniquely, it is clinical strength, which means you don't have to have a double dosage. It is manufactured by Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals, a trusted brand in the industry.

This is a vitamin B complex supplement and considered to be the most potent on the market today. The ingredients are highly bioavailable and include B vitamins, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin D, L-arginine, feverfew, oat straw, passion flower, and skullcap.

The company and the product both have an excellent reputation. There have been some reviews from people stating that it didn't work, but there was no explanation in terms of how long they tried it, whether they took other medication, or their condition. Many users agree that Neuropaquell is the best neuropathy supplement around and that they have found real and rapid relief as a result of taking it.

The biggest advantage of Neuropaquell is that it provides relief from neuropathic pain, making it one of the most potent supplements in the market today. The biggest weakness is that the product does not provide a cure for neuropathy.

4. Nerve Support Formula

  • ​Nerve Support Formula
  • Contains B Vitamins
  • Contains Folic Acid for Better Absorbtion
  • No Money Back Guarantee
  • Does Not Include Alpha Lipoic Acid

Nerve Support Formula focuses on common nutritional deficits in neuropathy sufferers, and provides a supplementary dose of highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals to counteract these deficits.

The choice of active ingredients is tailored specifically to appeal to individuals in need of nervous system support, whether due to dietary issues or other medical conditions. This neuropathy supplement has a range of high-quality B vitamins designed to be absorbed easily into your system thanks to the presence of methylcobalamin and benfotiamine.

Both of these substances have been proven by experts to help increase the nutritional support for the nervous system, and this particular formula includes folic acid, which is designed to help promote the enhanced absorption of vitamin B12 and B1 supplements.

The reviews surrounding this product indicate that it is highly effective when it comes to helping people who struggle with nerve damage, neuropathy, and pain, by helping to rebuild and repair damaged nerves for more than a decade. Unfortunately, the most significant issue with this particular form of nerve damage treatment is the fact that it does not include any R-alpha lipoic acid.

This substance helps to regenerate itself and other antioxidants such as B vitamins, and it can be particularly useful in easing the pain, burning, and numbness frequently associated with neuropathy. This acid also helps to promote better oxygen and blood flow to the nerves, to ensure that the damage caused by nerve pain is limited.

R-alpha lipoic acid should be an essential part of any supplement for neuropathy, as it helps to promote the function of transporters responsible for moving across the blood brain barrier and improve the function of nerves where it is needed most.

5. Nervestra

  • ​Nervestra
  • Contains B Vitamins
  • Contains Folic Acid for Better Absorbtion
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Liquid may not taste great
  • 1 bottle only lasts 24 days

Nervestra is a liquid remedy used to treat neuropathy. Like most other such remedies, it presents ample scientific backing for the effectiveness of its ingredients. It focuses predominantly on two areas: first, the bioavailability of its active ingredients, thanks to a patented cold-extraction process. Second, while other supplements focus predominantly on the treatment of symptoms, Nervestra places heavy emphasis on the protection and restoration of damaged nerves.

6. MyoMed Cream

  • ​MyoMed Pain Relief Cream
  • Temporarily Relieves Pain & Burning
  • Does Not Contain B Vitamins
  • Does Not Contain Alpha Lipoic Acid

For those who would rather avoid swallowing pills wherever possible, there's always the option to choose a neuropathy cream such as Neuropathy Pain Relief Cream in order to help limit or reduce the discomfort that is typically caused by damaged nerves.

Many people have found that this cream is particularly effective when it comes to fighting off the burning and searing pains caused by neuropathy, as it uses a collection of natural substances to help instantly penetrate through the skin in specialized areas and treat the underlying problems.

This homeopathic and toxin-free topical cream is used to target direct sources of pain, and the potent formula is designed to penetrate the skin deep, meaning that even the smallest amount can go a long way in managing pain. What's more, the presence of anti-oxidants and moisturizers means that the powerful cream substance can be absorbed particularly quickly.

Unfortunately, the main issue with pain relief creams is that they do not provide the supplemental intake you need to improve your chances of actually repairing damaged nerves. All they are capable of doing is removing the pain for short periods of time, thus, long lasting damage cannot be corrected. What's more, unlike supplements that target neuropathic problems throughout the entire body, pain relief creams such as this one can only target discomfort in very specific small areas.

7. Nerve Shield

  • Nerve Shield
  • Contains Alpha Lipioc Acid
  • Contains B Vitamins
  • Money Back Guarantee only 30 Days
  • Some users experienced no benefits

Nerve Shield is a dietary supplement for neuropathy that has been designed to improve healthy neural functioning. It is gluten free and completely natural. It is manufactured by Redd Remedies, a company that combines modern and traditional medicine in the formulation of their supplements. They are product of the holistic approach they have taken in developing their ingredient formulations.

Specifically, the supplement is designed to protect the somatic nerves. People should take one tablet twice per day and they can expect results within 90 days. The ingredients include B vitamins, alpha lipoic acid, acetyl L-carnitine, phosphatidyl choline, Huang Bai and Cang Zhu, and Chinese Skullcap and turmeric.

Overall, they have a good reputation. However, people who have experienced nerve pain following injury have found it to be ineffective. People also feel that 90 days is too long to wait for results, particularly since there is only a 30 day money back guarantee. However, there are many positive reviews from people who claim that this product is the best they have ever tried.

The biggest benefit of the supplement is that it helps to support and improve proper circulation. The biggest downside is the fact that it takes at least 90 days to take effect, longer than the money back guarantee.

8. Nerve Pain Away

  • Nerve Pain Away
  • Topical Spray Only Provides Temporary Relief
  • Does Not Include Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Does Not Include B-Vitamins
  • Aggressive Marketing and Unproven Claims

Nerve Pain Away is an as-seen-on-TV spray to help provide temporary relief from the symptoms of nerve damage. It is Made in the USA and they claim it to be safe to use together with prescription medication. It is manufactured by Plymouth Direct, which specializes in various products for retail and e-commerce and do not have a specific focus on health products.

As a homeopathic topical remedy, it contains Hypericum perforatum, bergamot, lavender, and tea tree oil. Each of these ingredients has a different benefit in the treatment of nerve pain. According to the manufacturer, the ingredients are all USA sourced.

Overall, the reviews are not overly positive. Many people did experience relief, but it was only temporary. Additionally, there are concerns about using this supplement in cases of diabetic neuropathy. Finally, because it uses Hypericum perforatum (St. John's wort), it may not be suitable for women who take the contraceptive pill.

The biggest advantage of the spray formula is that it works as a temporary analgesic, which means it masks the pain for a certain period of time. The biggest drawback is that the ingredients can, and often do, lead to quite uncomfortable side effects.

9. Neuracel

  • Neuracel
  • Does Not Include Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Does Not Include B-Vitamins
  • Ingredients Lack Scientific Backing
  • Lots of Customer Complaints

Neuracel is a daily maintenance supplement that helps to fight the most common signs of neuropathy. It is manufactured by Neuracel Supplement, Inc., which has received a number of complaints, according to the Better Business Bureau, although there has not been any legal action against them.

Neuracel, which comes in tablet form, includes California poppy, passionflower, lobelia, prickly ash bark, and Corydalis yanhusuo. It does not contain any vitamins or minerals, but it is completely natural. The company claims that their product is so effective thanks to its blend of herbal ingredients that people who suffer from neuropathy may not need any other type of medication.

Unfortunately, the product does not have a very good reputation, nor does the company. People have frequently complained that the supplement simply does not work or even that they experience side effects, likely to be caused by the passionflower ingredient. However, the product does come with a complete money back guarantee.

The biggest advantage of this particular supplement is that it is made using all natural ingredients that are designed to help increase quality of life for neuropathy sufferers. However, its biggest weakness is that many people have experienced quite significant side effects and have not noticed any type of improvement after taking it.

The Best Neuropathy Supplement of 2018

Nerve Renew is in our opinion the #1 recommended best neuropathy supplement for 2018. It contains the 3 recommended ingredients, has excellent dedicated customer support, a strong money back guarantee, and a good online reputation from other websites as well as positive customer testimonials. For these reasons, we recommend visit the official website and consider giving it a try.