Complaints About Nerve Renew: Is It Still A Legitimate Solution To Neuropathic Pain?

Many people are often skeptical to believe any seemingly miraculous cures for a difficult and painful condition they have long struggled with like neuropathy or nerve damage. The psychological reasons behind this are varied, and not without justification, but—at the center of it all—there is the simple fact that people don’t want to be misled or worse, ripped off.

Sometimes, when a person tries such a product, and hopes for the best, only to find their symptoms do not improve and naturally they react out of proportion to the scope of the problem. Never mind that the product might be working for tens of thousands of other people; it didn’t work for them, and in their disappointment—fueled, all too often, by years of painful suffering—they reject it, its maker, and all positive regard for the product wholesale.

Not every complaint is without merit. Sometimes, canceled orders weren’t canceled in time. Sometimes, a product genuinely doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to—or a widely-touted support structure is nowhere to be found. Here are four of the most common complaints about the supplement Nerve Renew, along with how the Neuropathy Treatment Group has reacting to their customers’ complaints.

“It did not relieve my symptoms.”

This is the most common reason for a canceled order: sometimes, it does not relieve the symptoms of diabetic or peripheral neuropathy. These symptoms include pain, often in the lower extremities, as well as other recurring sensations, such as coldness, numbness, and pins-and-needles.

Does the occasional lack of relief make the product ineffective?

In short, no. The supplement is designed to treat nerve pain by providing support to the nervous system at a deep level, through a broad spectrum of vitamins, nutrients, and herbs. These replace common nutritional deficiencies associated with the condition, and perform functions that bolster the body’s support systems. However, neuropathy is a varied and complicated condition, with a range of contributing factors. No one treatment addresses all of the underlying causes, even prescription medications.

Rather than the occasional unresponsive individual invalidating the supplement, the hundreds of thousands who have experienced some degree of relief should be considered a resounding success. You can read hundreds of individual customer reviews on our page here on our page here, or visit the Neuropathy Treatment Group’s website.

“After taking Nerve Renew, my symptoms became worse.”

Rarely—far less often than the occasional lack of relief—a hopeful sufferer of nerve pain finds that their taking it seems to cause their pain or other symptoms to grow worse. Sometimes, the effects appear to correlate almost immediately, while others give the supplement a fair chance, only to end up with greater discomfort than before.

Do Worsened Symptoms Make The Supplement Dangerous?

The ingredients can be divided into two groups: essential vitamins, and herbal supplements. The herbal supplements used have been used for centuries to alleviate pain, inflammation, and anxiety. The vitamins are not only essential, but are often advocated by western medicine as a healthy supplement for problems relating to the nervous system.

Numerous clinical trials exist which verify the effects of the ingredients in either group, and support their safety for human supplementation. There are trials which apply specifically to the dosages contained in the formula, and trials which considered two or more of the ingredients in combination.

Neuropathy is a progressive condition. Without healthy lifestyle changes and treatment, it will gradually worsen, which can lead to heightened or more frequent pain, new forms of discomfort, and symptoms in areas which were previously asymptomatic.

“I was charged for a delivery after cancelling my subscription!”

On occasion, there is a miscommunication, the responsibility for which may fall on either the customer or NTG. Cancellation requests are not always processed before the next order is sent out. This is an extremely rare occurrence, which the NTG is taking steps to prevent in the future.

Should I be worried about the Neuropathy Treatment Group’s reliability?

No. First and foremost, the vast majority of recipients experience a positive response from taking the formula; to date, the NTG maintains more than a 97% customer satisfaction rate. Don’t expect it to fail, because if it does succeed, it’s a much less expensive solution than most other treatments, medications, or even dietary plans available.

In addition, as the company’s Better Business Bureau page readily bears out, they take immediate steps to rectify any such situation which is brought to their attention. Not every customer notifies them of a problem before lodging a complaint, but the NTG is quick to refund the full purchase price in the event of any doubt. They stand by their guarantee.

“I was not promptly refunded my money upon request, in full or in part.”

A refund is issued when the unused portion of the customer’s supplement is received by the company. There are more reasons for wanting this return than just the obvious one; for example, the company will want to test any reportedly nonviable supplement, to make sure there is nothing wrong with the formula of the batch it came from.

I’ve requested a refund. Should I be concerned?

The NTG refunds the purchase price and shipping cost of returned portions, and acts as quickly as possible in response to any complaints.

If you have returned your unused product per their instructions, requested a refund, and not heard back from the company within a reasonable period of time, the Neuropathy Treatment Group asks that you get in touch with them via phone or email, whereupon the issue can be quickly sorted out.

It's in their best interest to refund customers as quickly as possible to maintain a healthy relationship with their credit card processor, since chargebacks hurt their reputation and could put their ability to collect credit cards online at risk.

Final Thoughts

The NTG takes pride in its reputation, its rating with the Better Business Bureau, and the quality of their product. Neuropathy Support Formula was developed by individuals who suffer from peripheral neuropathy; nobody is out to increase anybody else’s pain or discomfort. Overall, we believe the product is legitimate and worth giving a try. It may not work for everyone, but it shows promising results for the majority of people who take it at the recommended dosage and duration.