3 Reasons Why Nerve Renew Is Not A Scam, But A Proven Supplement For Neuropathy

Wes Jones first created the Neuropathy Treatment Group in 2011, for the sole purpose of producing and distributing his nerve pain product. That product was the result of years of development using only natural herbal ingredients and crucial vitamins and nutrients with positive effects that are individually verified through dozens of clinical trials.

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The NTG was rebranded once, but has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2011, where it maintains an A- rating. Its rebranding was conducted with full transparency, to help it reach more of its target demographic; existing complaints carried over, and were not disassociated from the new brand name. Since that time, the company has averaged fewer than 8 complaints per year with the Better Business Bureau, despite a client base of more than 100,000 regular customers.

What Makes a Scam a Scam?

Several fundamental qualities contribute to the makeup of a successful scam. These are tried-and-true tricks of the con artist’s trade, representing centuries of refinement in what is—sadly—one of mankind’s oldest professions.

Scams are Hard to Track Down

Fraudulent companies are designed to have as little contact with the outside world as possible. They’re meant to be quick and easy to tear down and relocate, and are typically set up with false information (such as fake or stolen identities) which can be discarded.

Is the NTG Readily Available?

After seven years, the creators of Nerve Renew, remain in business at their listed location. Their customer service staff can be reliably reached by phone or e-mail, and it has a reputable standing with government and civilian watchdog organizations.

Most Scams are Run by Foreign Interests

Particularly in the modern era, where high-speed internet and modern shipping make this more viable, most scams are operated by someone who literally lives outside the reach of their target’s legal protections. This goes back a long way, however: when England attempted to conquer Wales, Welsh scammers and charlatans were cited as one of the justifying factors.

Where is the Neuropathy Treatment Group Based?

The NTG is based in Idaho, and its full contact details—including address and phone number—are a matter of public record. Among the locations offering this information are the Better Business Bureau, and the NTG’s own website.

A Conspicuous Lack of Available Support

This is regularly cited as a red flag for a possible scam. Scams can be expensive to maintain over the long term, and are often designed to fold within a limited number of years. They don’t maintain a significant staff; instead, they run until the weight of customer testimony against them reduces their profit margins to the point where the scam is no longer worthwhile.

How is The Product's Customer Support?

The NTG’s website features hundreds of customer testimonials asserting the viability of their product. Each of these testimonials is e-signed with the full name and town of residence of the person in question. These people have elected to allow their information to be used, in helping to reach additional neuropathy sufferers. The group also maintains a substantial support staff, with friendly and knowledgeable customer service available within generously non-standard office hours.

Nerve Renew Stands Out Above the Scams

There are certainly scams out there which seek to target people made vulnerable by chronic pain. Such “invisible conditions” (without readily obvious physical symptoms) are seldom taken seriously in today’s society, even by trained medical professionals who ought to know better.

Neuropathy Support Formula is different. It is the result of several years’ worth of quantifiable research and development—an expensive process, made necessary by the desire to see the product made functional. The Neuropathy Treatment Group offers customer service support by phone and e-mail. The individual effectiveness of their ingredients is backed up by hard science; even the herbal extracts have recognized clinical studies advocating on their behalf.

And, of course, there’s the company’s guarantee, to which the Better Business Bureau profile can attest.

Your Money Back, No Questions Asked, Up to One Year After Purchase

When you order today, and receive a free two-week trial; pay only shipping and handling. Most individuals who experience positive improvement from the supplement report their first positive changes within two weeks.

Afterward, if you are not satisfied within your first year, return any unused portion of the supplement for a full refund.

The company stands by its guarantee. They are proud of how rarely it has been called upon, suggesting that most customers find their product highly effective.

Errors have occurred, but a quick look through their records on the Better Business Bureau website will show how quickly the Neuropathy Treatment Group acts to respond to all complaints.

Final Conclusion

After researching the company history and customer feedback, we conclude that this is not a fly-by-night operation, or a scam. Rather, the Neuropathy Treatment Group is a well-established company, with a reputable product, offering sincere customer service, and always seeking to improve on and refine their product quality and support infrastructure alike.