Reviews of Nerve Renew: How Customers Rate This Treatment For Neuropathy

The Neuropathy Treatment Group is the organization behind the development of Nerve Renew, a supplement based on three key ingredients (methylcobalamin or methyl B12, benfotiamine, and stabilized R-alpha lipoic Acid).

Each of these ingredients has been clinically proven to be effective in the treatment of nerve damage, nerve pain, and neuropathy, regardless of its cause.

Besides having studied this clinical evidence, the Neuropathy Treatment Group has also conducted its own studies among those who have used Nerve Renew to further demonstrate the benefits of the product.

To date, some 170,000 individuals have tried Nerve Renew, and the vast majority have been incredibly positive about the results. Some felt that their symptoms improved gradually, while others declared that the improvement was quite rapid.

Some did not feel that there were any improvements, but noted that their symptoms got worse after no longer taking the supplement.

The information below is a cross section of reviews from people suffering from a variety of different neuropathic conditions.

Vivian's customer review of Nerve Renew

Gabapentin Didn't Work

Vivian Slabuah on April 17 shared her experience with Gabapentin (Neurontin) not giving her the results she wanted. She has tried Nerve Renew for 3 years and says it reduces her pain and "works great for me."

Her review is an example of the inconsistency in conventional pharmaceutical medications often prescribed by doctors.

While her results are not typical, many other customers shares reviews just like hers, often experiencing a reduction in pain and tingling after the B complex vitamins begin to work.

Spencer providing his review of Neuropathy Support Formula

Relief In Two Days

Spencer Frasher shared his review of his wife getting relief from diabetic neuropathy in just two days. Although this is a great result, it is not common for someone to experience so quickly. Her state of health, diet, and other factors may have played a role.

One thing to note is that her pain came back after discontinuing the supplement, which leads to further evidence that the B vitamins and ALA were playing an important role in keeping her nerves healthy and functioning properly.

Pain Came Back After Stopping

MARC from TX said he experienced more pain when he stopped taking it.

Helpful Customer Service

Tom from Florida said customer service was very helpful and the product arrived in 3 days.

Taking Twice Per Day For 2 Years

Brent from Nevada speaks highly of the product, stating he has taken it for over two years. This is a good example of the company being established, rather than here today and gone tomorrow.

Symptoms Came Back In 2 Weeks

Rick from IA said his symptoms came back after stopping while he was waiting to reorder. This is why it's important to consume the supplement on a regular basis. The company offers a subscription service so one doesn't have to remember to reorder like Rick.

Rick's review of Nerve Renew felt symptoms return after he stopped taking the product

Contributed To Nerve Damage Recovery

Mark from Australia suffered nerve damage and says Nerve Renew has assisted him in his recovery.

Can't Believe The Difference

Steve's wife from Washington left a review under his name claiming the product he "can't believe the difference" and has tried prescription medications before with no success.

Pain Came Back After Stopping

MARC from TX said he experienced more pain when he stopped taking it.

Able to Continue Working

Seaton Melfi from St. Augustine, FL, has a job that requires lengthy periods of standing on his feet. He started to develop terrible pains, and no discernible cause was identified by either podiatrists or neurologists. After taking Nerve Renew for two months, he noticed a huge improvement, enabling him to continue to work and generally increase his overall quality and enjoyment of life.

Started To Ride Motorcycle After 2 Months

George De Bruyn from Bedfordview, South Africa, one of the Neuropathy Treatment Group's international customers, was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy some four and a half years ago. The symptoms had been getting progressively worse, rendering him unable to enjoy some of the things in life. After taking Nerve Renew for two months, he was able to ride his motorcycle for the first time in three years. His pain has been significantly reduced, and the hairs on his legs have started to return. It took just six weeks for him to notice the effects of Nerve Renew, something that no other specialist or pharmaceutical drug, no matter how expensive, had been able to do.

Suffered Ten Years, Notices Relief In One Week

Dr. Clark Stancil from Clinton, AR, describes Nerve Renew as a miracle. Having suffered from neuropathy for ten years, it took him just one week to experience relief. He has discussed this with his podiatrist, who is now recommending the product to all his patients.

One Month of Treatment Improves Foot Pain

Marlene Anderson from Whitefish Bay, WI, had been visiting an endocrinologist for many years, who was unable to provide her with any form of relief for her neuropathy in her feet. In fact, she had given up hope of ever being able to live a normal life. After taking Nerve Renew, she started to notice an improvement after just one week. Twenty-eight tablets later, the improvement in her feet has been tremendous, with them being in a better condition than they have been over the past decade.

6 Capsules Per Day, Significant Pain Relief

Aimee Koonmen from Roosevelt, NY, had chemotherapy, which caused her to develop neuropathy in her feet. She decided to increase the dosage of Nerve Renew, taking three capsules on the morning, and three more at night, after discussing its safety with her physicians. She has experienced significant relief from the pain since then.

After Unsuccessful Surgeries, Felt Relief in 2 Months

Shelley Deneu from Nassau, NY, has had two neck surgeries and five back surgeries over the past decade. Some of these surgeries may have caused a certain degree of neuropathy. Some surgeries were performed to relieve neuropathy but were unsuccessful. Her physician explained that her nerve damage was now so significant, there was nothing else that could be done. Within two months of taking Nerve Renew, she started to notice an improvement. Four months after starting, she was almost completely free of the terrible numbness in her fingers.

Her Physician Was Shocked

Linda P. from Tullahoma, TN, has suffered from diabetic neuropathy for two years. Her neurologist had prescribed various medications to her with limited effectiveness and significant side effects. Her husband ordered Nerve Renew for her and she noticed an improvement within the first week of taking the supplement. Her primary physician was shocked and asked her for the empty bottles of Nerve Renew, in order to recommend it to other patients. Thanks to the supplement, she has been able to regain a greater quality of life, which in turn has helped her to become more active, leading to an improvement in her diabetes as well.


The number of reviews that the Neuropathy Treatment Group has received through various channels is now almost too big to count. They encourage everyone who inquires about the product's effectiveness to read even just a handful of these reviews. The clinical evidence to support their product is also available on their website.