What To Take For Fast Nerve Pain Relief With Minimal Side Effects

For some people, nerve pain is a regular part of their everyday lives. In fact, it becomes a long-term aspect that they must deal with each and every day.

Sometimes, neuropathic pain, otherwise known as nerve pain, can get better with treatment, or simply on its own when measures are taken to improve lifestyle through diet and exercise, but this can often take a number of years.

In some other cases, neuropathic pain remains the same for a long time, or becomes gradually worse as the years pass by. In other cases, the nerve pain and the damage that takes place cannot be reversed without significant intervention.

Fortunately, many doctors can actually help their patients to identify and treat neuropathic pain using the best therapies available at any given time.

There are a combination of over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, and even professional supplements that can help you to manage your condition. 

Some people actually choose to use a combination of both natural supplements and over-the-counter or prescription medications when accessing ways to help overcome their pain.

One possible option is the use of a supplement, such as Nerve Renew, which is a product that contains many of the essential vitamins and nutrients required for fighting back against pain and nerve damage. For many people, these supplements are enough to counter pain, and even repair damaged nerves without the need for extra prescription medications.

Prescription Medications for Nerve Pain

For those who believe that their nerve pain is severe enough to require prescription-based interventions, there are a number of medications that can be given by your doctor or healthcare professional.

Importantly, it's crucial to speak in depth with your physician about the full extent of your nerve-pain problems before asking for any particular medication, including Nerve Renew, as some medicines will not necessarily work with a particular kind of pain. 

The best option for your needs will depend on the cause of your discomfort, the severity of your pain, and any potential side effects that may be present. Common prescriptions medications include:


As frightening as the name might sound, some of the anticonvulsant drugs used for nerve pain can be very helpful and are often considered as a first choice in treatment. These drugs were first developed for people suffering from epilepsy to help control seizures, but it was found that their impact on the nervous system can also assist in dulling pain. Side effects can include nausea and dizziness. On the contrary, Nerve Renew does not have any negative side effects like these.


Alongside anticonvulsants, some doctors will recommend that their patients use antidepressants as a way of managing their neuropathic pain. It's worth noting that antidepressants are not only effective when it comes to managing a person's mood. For instance, tricyclic antidepressants have been used by medical professionals for decades.

Though they are no longer used today to treat depression as commonly as they once were, they have been found to play an important role in managing nerve pain symptoms. However, these drugs may also lead to side effects such as blurred vision, dizziness, constipation, upset stomachs, and more. These drugs are not always safe for those with certain health conditions and heart problems.

Another form of antidepressant used for nerve damage are SNRIs. These are a newer form of antidepressant that can be helpful in managing nerve pain, and they have been found to have fewer side effects than tricyclic antidepressants. These options are much safer for some, particularly those who suffer from heart problems.


For those suffering with very severe nerve pain, painkillers that have a substantial opioid content can be quite helpful. Studies have found that for various forms of nerve pain, painkillers can be as effective as antidepressants or anticonvulsants.

And unlike other forms of nerve pain treatment, these solutions are also capable of working very quickly. Unfortunately, the side effects that come with painkillers mean that many doctors will only turn to them when other treatments have not worked.

Opioid painkillers can cause stomach upset, constipation, and sedation, and also come with some risk of abuse and addiction. Other prescription painkillers, like NSAIDs, may also be helpful, but they don't often seem to work as well with nerve pain as Nerve Renew does.

Topical treatments

Painkilling solutions, such as lidocaine patches and painkilling gels, can provide another effective approach in managing nerve discomfort. These often work best when there are small and localized areas of pain.

Many doctors recommend using a combination of the above treatments through an approach known best as combination therapy. Various studies have shown that combining a range of drugs, usually an antidepressant and anticonvulsant can have a better effect in dealing with nerve pain than either medication alone.

Supplements and Vitamins​

If you prefer to look for treatments that are not prescription or painkiller based, then supplements and vitamins may be the best way to control nerve pain. In many cases, nerve pain can be caused, or worsened by a deficiency of the correct vitamins. For many people, a deficiency in B12 is the most common cause of neuropathy, particularly for those who also suffer from diabetes.

Various supplements, such as Nerve Renew, can be used to treat nerve pain, and there are some preliminary evidence that a few of these substances are actually capable of assisting with nerve pain that is associated with diabetes.

Since nerve pain can be so difficult to control, it's often a good idea to evaluate whether the cause of your pain may be a lack of the correct vitamins and minerals in your body. If you find out that a deficiency is causing a large number of your problems, then simply changing your diet and taking some supplements could help you to avoid pain and even repair some nerve damage over time.

Other Considerations

Remember, experts believe that people in pain from nerve related discomfort can often be helped, though it may take time to find the treatment that is most appropriate for your specific needs. After all, people respond to both pain and treatments in different ways. If the first treatment that you try doesn't seem to be enough, go back to your doctor and attempt a new approach.